Domain Buying Strategy

Speaking with hundreds of clients over the past 21 years, it is evident that most do not have a good “Domain Buying Strategy” when planning their Internet presence.

I have developed the “A Net is better than a Hook” presentation for marketing your business online.   From that strategy comes 5 reasons to buy domains for your company.

1.  Own your name!  This is a no brainer.  If you own Smith Widgets, Inc., you want to own  If someone else owns your name, then they own your destiny!  Try to buy it or consider a name change.  Seriously?  Yes, because potential clients will be searching “Smith Widgets” and you will have to battle for top ranking.

2. Own Generic Names that describe your business!  It is amazing how well Key Word Rich domains can assist your marketing strategy.  Create micro sites with these domains.

3. Own as many generic names as you can afford!  Why?  If you don’t own them, you don’t control them.  If you sell widgets, wouldn’t help to control competition coming into your space if you own all the good available domains?  YES!   You can call it “Blocking”, “Domain Grabbing” or just smart strategy.

4. Make sure your names are brandable in the minds of potential clients/customers.

5. Are you aware of any competitors who went out of business and abandoned their domains?  Go to and   Enter the domains into the alert email tools and they will email you if the domains become available.  If the domain names were trademarked, go to  and search to see when the trademark expires, if not already.   You can buy and control the domain and not develop it.   If they were not trademarked, then buy them and use them right away to drive industry traffic to your “space”.  Forward them to a micro site.

If the domain is trademarked and the company remains out of business for a prolonged period of time and you are confident there will be no back lash, just continue to sit on it.  For $10.00 a year, you control the domain.  Develop a legal strategy to incorporate it in time or just shelve it.  When you buy it, pay the extra $$ to hide you identity.  It will take a court order for the registrar to release the information.