I have been on the Internet for 15.5 years now and I am convinced more now than ever that “He who controls the content, controls the world”.    What I mean by this is…. if you know how to program and manipulate the Internet to your favor, you can be successful in many things.

Facebook is probably going public next year and they are a company who has mastered control of the content and data.  Their valuation is at least 25 x their gross annual income or 100 x net.

Remember Google came out with incredible valuation as well and have not looked back.  Their stock stands at $596.69 as I am writing.

Breaking this down to a smaller, localized model, it still applies to some extent.  Global is always better but there is still money to be made in larger local markets like Houston.

Whether you have a local business and a big dream or a National business with huge potential, call me and let’s talk about where it is you are going and how sound Marketing Strategy can get you there.

Steven Carr