Social Media Marketing

When approaching a Marketing effort involving SMR (Social Media Resources), use the list below to help formulate your company’s strategy.  Remember, we are here to help as well.

1.  Determine Your Targeted Customer

  • Describe your target customer. Age, gender, location, education, income — anything that applies.  This is an exercise that you must do with your staff, marketing and sales.
  • Where are your customers?  Are they on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?

2.  Who are Your Competitors & where are they advertising?

  • Make a list of your competitors.
  • Go to your competitors’ social media profiles and track what they are doing.  Subscribe to stay informed

3.  Which Social Media resource is best for your business?

  • Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, Business blog, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Digg …  Which, if all or any, is the best for your company?
  • Assign a resource to one person and give them ownership of that resource.  It is better to have a strong focused presence on one SMR than a non-focused, weak presence on each.

4.  Choose the most powerful keywords used in the Search engines related to         your business

  • Keywords and keywords phrases are critical  to the success of your campaign
  • Develop a top 10 keyword or keyword phrase list that best describe your business and services
  • Check keyword volume on these keywords

5.  Content is KING

Generating consistently compelling content is key to your social media presence and gaining fans and followers.  It takes time and effort.


Research online conversations to find out who’s talking about your company.   Are they customers or competitors? Use the free SMR’s for your research and determine your online persona through their comments.  Can you change the persona using the same tools?

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