Using Social Media Marketing

General Questions to ask when planning your Marketing Campaign in Social Media

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is present, does it make a sound? We all know the real answer but if we also know if there no audience there, no one hears it.

The same is true with marketing your business and product. Are you shouting from a mountain top in the wilderness or on a loud speaker in Times Square. It is all about the audience AND all about your product or service.

With over 3 billion people worldwide on at least one social media, your potential market is far bigger than what you could do locally advertising.

So, ask yourself the following:

  • What is my target audience? Local, Statewide, National or Global
  • What is it I am branding? A wider audience means better brand recognition, but is it the right audience?Remember, the basis of any successful marketing campaign is, “how your target audience reacts?” 
  • What are my goals? Be sure to set realistic “flexible” goals 
  • What are my expectations? 
  • Are you are ready for the commitment to start a Social Media campaign?
  • Since there are so many Social Media options, which do you use and how much? 
  • What is your CTA (Call to Action)? Be sure to be flexible and perhaps have 2 -3 CTA’s that you use to measure which works the best.

Plan the implementation of the campaign in stages, ramping up as you see success. When you see something working better than others, dedicate more time to further increase results. Be ready to “Pay” for advertisements when organic response is not enough.

Measure your success. Most have analytics that can track response. Remember, if it can’t be measured, it does not exist!

So, do you now have more questions than answers?  Call me to schedule a free Marketing session 713-553-6212