What is SEO?

It is Search Engine Optimization. What does this mean to you and your web site?

Well, you want your web site to appear in the search engines near or at the top of a search relevant to what your company offers.

For instance, go to and search “Houston Jobs”. Our site, is #1 in the “organic” responses. You can pay to be at the top of the paid responses as well, which we do on a limited basis. (We find only 2-3% of the web site visitors click on the paid responses.)

What does it mean to be on the top of the search results? It should translate into more traffic, activity and CONVERSIONS or sales! This is vital to the success of your web site. If you are selling widgets, you want to have lot’s of traffic and lot’s of online sales. Service companies are a little different. We just want to motivate you to call or email us for our services.

Good SEO or “Whitehat” SEO techniques focus on the the right content and integration of “key words” or phrases into the content that is relative to searches leading potential clients to your site. Fortunately, there are excellent tools available that can show us the searches being made and what they are. This enable us to integrate these search phrases into the pages of your content.

The most effective SEO is developed at the begining of the web site development and prior to the initial submission of your website to the search engines for indexing.

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Steven Carr