Trump Accomplishments

1. Brings jobs back to America – Between 1.1 and 2 million

2. Job Additions continue to rise every month

3. Q3 GDP at 3% Beats expectations

4.. Unemployment down to 4.2 %

5. US Factories expanding to 13 year high

6. Home builders confidence at 12 year high

7. Manufacturers confidence at 12 year high

8. Surging stock market increases wealth by over 4 trillion and 27% rise in DJIA

9. Food stamp usage drops every month since in offce – more people working

10. Manufacturing increasing at rate fastest in 6 years

11. Put coal miners back to work

12. Summer youth unemployment lowest since 1969

13. US trade Exports are way up

14. Black unemployment – Lowest level in 17 years

15. Gas prices at 12 year lows

16. Increases the Homeland Security and Boarder presence. Illegal crossings down dramatically

17. Arresting and deporting more MS13 gang members than ever before.

18. Human traffing arrest surge as he cracks down on modern sex slavery

19. His military strategy is wiping out ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

20. Gets massive increase to military spending to beef up our defensive capabilities

21.Justice department cracks down on sanctuary cities and takes down AlphaBay, the largest Internet black market.

22. Cracking down on medicare fraud at highest rate

23. Limits who is coming into the US from countries who support terrorism or can not show good vetting policies.

24. Has renegotiated trade agreements with Mexico, China and many other countries to “level the playing field”. Will probably renegotiaate NAFTA and Prevented the Pacific Rim Trade agreement from becoming reality, saving millions more US jobs.

25. Coal exports 60% since he came into office

26 Cracking down on drugs import and creating better treatment for opiate addictions.

27. Kate’s law enacted to protect US citizens from violent illegals