Search Engine Optimization is imperative to your website traffic growth.  In order to best manage this feature, much less understand it’s importance, please read on.

  1. Learn to master the Google RankBrain.

    What is RankBrain?  It is Google’s machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort the search results. It also helps Google process and understand search queries. What makes RankBrain different? In the past, all the code was coded in by actual programmers to be able to deliver the best results to your search engine query.  Today, RankBrain is advanced AI (artificial intelligence) and is constantly evolving the process based on variables. 

    RankBrain increases or decreases backlinks, content age, content length, domain security (including SSL and age of domain), keywords, titles, alt text tags on images, etc…

  2. Update old content and change dates on posts (Blogs) to be current.  Old content has been searched.  Rewrite and add more up-to-date content.

  3. Be sure your “Page and Post Titles” and descriptions are the best they can be.  Use Yoast SEO to help develop each unique page to be maximized for SEO.
  4. Research the keywords that come up in the advertisements (AdWords) from competitors that appear when searching your web site.  Be sure your pages and posts incorporate all the top keyword listed at the bottom of the first search page that Google displays a “Searches Related to …..

    More to come in our next installment on Search Engine Optimization! We offer monthly SEO and Social Media management for websites.  We work hard to get your traffic increased and converted into $$$ in the bank.